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Decorative Elements from Nature


since 1979

Prosper, was established in 1979, is an internationally renowned manufacture, export & distribution company of Potpourri, Home Decoration and Scented gifts, with office in Thailand. We started from a small trading firm sourcing and supplying agricultural produce and natural material. Since then, our accumulated knowledge and strong supply bases of material combining with our dedicated effort has been enabling us to develop many outstanding masterpieces of potpourri in various designs with long lasting aroma until now.


We also manufacture Made to Order collection for those customers who need more exclusive designs. While our product ranges have expanded to suit most tastes and budgets, our priority on producing only the best quality products and on-time delivery has still remained.



Our product ranges include potpourri in bags, acetate boxes or glass vases, our renowned Spirit of Nature collection, scented sachets and pillow, incense and even wooden frames filled with dried flowers. Please take your time to search our site and you are more than welcome to visit our showroom where there are a lot more to see!



Main Products- Potpourri in poly bags, acetate gift boxes, glass vases & jars- Scented giftsets - Scented incenses and candles- Perfumed sachets and pillows - Christmas and other festive gifts - Reed diffuser - Refresher oils and Room spray 






1979 - Prosper Co.,Ltd was founded and ran business of exporting agricultural commodities especially three main products i.e. water snake skins, jute caddies and buffalo horn to Hong Kong and Australia.



1984 - The market expanded to 16 countries and the product also covered vegetables, beans, spinach, barley, pear, watermelon, dried longance arillus hibiscus flowers, dried globosa flowers, dried windmill pods, rubber bands, latex, coconut fibers, herbs, etc. Besides export, chemicals and natural products were also imported and traded all over the world.



1987 - With stronger financial strength and extensive investigations of the world market, the focus of business was shifted to the production and export of potpourri. It was inspired by three main transactions of dried hibiscus, globosa flowers and windmill pods. The potpourri business was growing rapidly with hard work, cooperative effort and enterprise spirit of every staff.



1989 - We moved from the first 32 square meter office to our own premise, the newly built five connected five-story building covering area 1,500 square meters. The dyeing plant and store houses covering nearly 10,000 square meters were set up.



1989 - We expanded the packing area from 900 square meters to 3,000 square meters.


2005 - The production area was expanded from 3,000 square meters to 5,250 square meters while the production process and structure were reorganized to meet highest effectiveness and efficiency. The in-house quality control was improved to cope with more complicated product designs and special customers needs.


2011 - We received ISO 9001:2008 certification by AJA and UKAS. 

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